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Re: definition of SEUL:

> > seul = alone *[adjective-adverb]
> > seul = single *[adjective-adverb]
> Never forget the disaster with the Chevy Nova.  It was a pretty good car,
> only thing is they couldn't sell a one to anybody that spoke spanish.
> Know why?  Nova means "no go" in spanish:)  TTYL!
When I was originally concieving of a project similar to SEUL, I had planned
on naming it "Drop-In Linux(DIL)" (slightly reminicent of Yiggadsil's PnP Linux
-- which I don't think lived up to it's name )... I even went and drew up a
penguinized pickel (I can send the logo out... I'll just warn you it looks
BAD... ) 

If we do change names, I reccommend we keep the seul.org domain untill
a) the current domain expires... or...
b) we are ready/close to ready for release SEUL/DIL/whatever

just my $0.02

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