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Re: SEUL: Debian versus RedHat and DPKG versus RPM

Agree with Jean-F's proposals.

The general perception, in this college, is that Debian has still a 
long way to go and both experimented hackers and other novices will 
recommend RedHat to anyone who is not up to waste a lot of time in 
the tech aspects of the OS. Debian is still considered a technically 
troublesome distrib. Slackware comes last in the easy of use queue.

A drawback might be that all RedHat developments will not be GPLed 
but Debian's will be. In the future, that may imply a significative 
difference for the SEUL-coders who, to keep up, will have to do a 
larger man-hour-input if they choose RedHat. This is a strategical 
issue. In the short term, RedHat may look more appealing but in the 
long term Debian may be a better alternative due to GPL issues.

Finally, Debian is already in outer space and RedHat remains grounded 

I'd suggest coders get together, write down pros & cons and do a 
signed rank test, decide which one distrib. and go on.


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