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SEUL: GPL/Apps/PR (Reply to Paul et al.).

Paul Anderson <paul@geeky1.ebtech.net>:

> Err, you mean 'GPL', right?  

That's correct. Sorry for the typo: GPL (General Public License). JPL 
was the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (btw: from which we use remotely 
sensed data in our studies).

>As it stands, I do agree with your view that Linux could use more 

I agree. Perhaps, a good idea for SEUL would be to make a master CD 
and send it away through PC publications such as Byte, PC World, etc.
I'm sure many magazines would go for it. Mostly, it is Slackware 
which is distributed through magazines (at least in Europe).

> Out of curiosity, what software is most commonly used in the 
> scientific circles you follow?  Any comments for feaures 
> seul-admin should have let me know.  

Besides common productivity apps (such as words procesors and 
graphing tools), marine scientists use a wide range of software apps. 
which may range from phylogenetic to chemical to data bases to maths 
& stats to visual data analyses, geostats & GIS.

I, for one, use heavily maths & stats apps.

When I offered material on Linux & SAL (Scientific Apps for Linux) to 
the conferences I manage, the main interest among scientists was on 
'visual data analyses apps', such as Khoros, GRASS and others. This 
is so due to the high cost of such software in the commercial world. 
Such apps, IMO, are 'flagships' to Linux and may be the reason why
many scientists may take the definitive step to migrate to this OS. 
Scientists always consider time efficiency of a software package (and 

BTW: Yesterday, I was in touch with the SAL manager. He mentioned he 
did not promote SAL outside the Linux community. I guess, the 
heaviest PR should be done outside the L*x world: SAL is an important 
vector for Linux, i.e. academics will migrate to an OS due to the 
available tools to get their job done. As long as the OS is not too 
complex, the migration is mediated by the available apps.

I proposed the SAL manager to run a worldwide list and to make heavy 
PR in scientific fora.

Furthermore, it may be a good idea to establish links between SEUL 
and SAL and, perhaps, include a handful of sc.apps. once the SEUL 
distribution is ready to go.


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