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Re: SEUL: What's so hard about Linux...

On Sun, 24 Aug 1997, Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> This is where we will need to be putting a lot of our effort.  Things don't 
> go anywhere without a killer app.  We need to try to find that killer app.  
> Whether it's the UI, some integration method, or a specific binary, we need 
> to have it.  Without it we'll go the way of the NeXT.
Bought by Apple?:)  The NC seems to be the big thing nowadays, what of
Linuxes networking abilities?  Do you know that Win95 DOESNOT have native
support for PPP networking?  To get it, you have to buy M$ Plus.  So, we
can stress Linux's networking power.  Businesses will consider Linux over
NT, IF it's marketed right and it's not too cheap.  NT costs $340, Linux
is free.  Businesses look down on that, charge something like $240 for it
and they'll give it thought.  You also need to overturn M$es propoganda.
They've created the image that EVERYONE is switching to NT.  Of course,
it's wrong, but people still beleive it.  You need some clever adverts in
PCMag, DDJ, and a few other magazines to create the view that everybody is
ditching NT and going to Linux.

Have adds like:
List the spots where Linux flogs NT, then at the bottom of the ad say:
"Hmm, no wonder hundreds of businesses are switching to Linux every day."

Do some benchmarks comparing an Alpha running NT to Linux, and when Linux
shows up as being faster you can say: "Linux has what NT doesn't: Speed.
When speed and reliability, with unequalled development forces you want

And have some great big roll out at COMDEX of SEUL.  Get a bigger space
than M$ he he he he he  TTYL!

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