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RE: SEUL: Reuse vs. new code (was Re: Idea for SEUL startup)

On 25-Aug-97 Erik Walthinsen wrote:

>As a side note, remember that system startup and user login are two separate 
>events.  Normal users will not be touching the system startup procedures, as 
>that is part of the OS, not how they use the system.  On that front, however, 
>I'd like to see something like a sysvinit-style mechanism behind the Startup 
>folder (or whatever) that gets called from the normal X startup processes.

A side note while we're at it: could we arrange so that the WM menus would 
be based on files in a directory? The WM would read its contents and build 
the menus (upon startup). Win95 does it this way, and I kinda like it (the 
idea, not Win95 :). Submenus would be created as subdirectories etc. This way
users could easily customise their menus; installed programs could appear in a
separate submenu or directory where they could be moved to appropriate places.

Do you think this would be possible / feasible / make sense?
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