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SEUL: Working with other groups (was Re: Reuse vs. new code)

> GRUB will need some work to be useful to SEUL, but a lot less than LILO, 
> and it _is_ only at version 0.4.

OK, here's another tangent we need to think about:

Do we want to be taking packages from all over the GPL'd land and modifying 
them in our own subset of the universe, or do we want to try to work 
carefully with the original author(s) to get the changes we need?

I say we should *try* to work with the original author(s) as possibly.  In 
the case of GRUB, we may find that difficult, as Hurd is a 'direct 
competitor' to Linux (well, sorta).  But in many cases we may find that if we 
are providing the leadership and organization, lots of groups may be willing 
to work closely with us, making the changes we need, so that they have a 
'guaranteed spot' in SEUL for the foreseeable future.

If we find that there is no way to do this, we may have to split off and 
develop whichever package it is on our own.  This is sub-optimal, because any 
changes we make will likely not make their way back to the original package, 
and vice versa.

Note that we will not have much luck convincing some projects to work with 
us.  Being a new project, we have a nothing to show people in terms of a 
product.  For this reason, we may want to form a small group of people who 
can focus on getting some form of distrib ready to go, to be called 0.0.1, 
then we can start working from that.

I'm rambling....  But the above is something to think about.


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