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Re: SEUL: Auto-detecting hardware

On  8 Aug 97,  Greg Fall <seul-project@seul.org>  wrote:

> My point was to suggest that the people out there who are working 
> on Linux are talented enough to overcome lots of those snafus.

Greg: Hackers working on Linux development, IMO, are **highly 
talented**. For instance, RedHat4.2 received, recently, a European 
(sorry for the expression) *no shit* award as a systems server 
*against* WinNT. Kernel optimization, resource utilization, stability 
and cost-effectivity were some of the reasons for the award.

We've got the situation where a few volunteer hacker through the 
Internet are making a much better product than the world's largest 
transnational software company with over 10.000 hired full time 
programers. That's a clear & loud evidence of the great talent among
Linux hackers.

Furthermore, many hardware drivers are missing due to unreleased 
information on hardware features. Actually, MS (and HP and several 
others) are pushing up for an agreement with many peripheric hardware 
component manufacturers to have all tech info on the hardware 
unreleased (i.e. 'the manufacturer doesn't realease the info on the 
peripheral component and MS and HP include it in their system).  
This will imply that Linux developers won't be able to program 
drivers for such hardware. And the more of a threat Linux becomes the 
more it'll be (directly or indirectly) involved in such dirty wars. 
That's the (dirty) way MS, Apple, HP and many others do busyness.

For instance, I have a LAN card (Genius 2500+ PCI) which RedHat won't 
recognize and there are no drivers (not even generic ones). No 
problem: My philosophy is to tell **everyone* here (at this college) 
not to buy such cards but others supported by Linux. 

Finally, I, as a novice user, didn't have any problem to install Red 
Hat 4.2. Problems start after LILO is installed :-)


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