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Re: SEUL: A few comments

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Aldo-Pier Solari wrote:

>   - Get  in  touch   with  international  organizations  such  as
>     FAO/UNESCO/UN to reach agreements to do marketing  of  the  OS
>     under an 'international flag'; In my opinion, just JPL and 
>     classic distributions channels are not sufficient. Most academics
> 	don't even know what ftp is.
Err, you mean 'GPL', right?  As it stands, I do agree with your view that
Linux could use more advertising.  IMHO, if you advertise install-fests
in, say, PC Magazine, you'd gather quite a bit of attention to Linux and
it would get a lot of people down to the install-fests.  I think the
install-fest to be a great idea, it lets people bring their computer down
their, get Linux installed and configured to work.

>   - We  need  more  communication  between  the  hacker  and  the
>     scientific community to make the use of Linux more simple and
> 	to implement a documentation standard which will allow rookies
> 	to get started and get their job done right away.
I'm not running the project, I'm just working on seul-admin, the
administrative software(used to setup software, configure network servers,
etc.).  Out of curiosity, what software is most commonly used in the
scientific circles you follow?  Any comments for feaures seul-admin should
have let me know.  Back to learning python...  TTYL!

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