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SEUL: seul-dev-distrib


this group deals with the content of a seul "distribution".
the main thing this group should do is research our userbase a *lot*.
write up findings at least somewhat formally, so that everyone else can read
the info, and base the design of seul on a concrete knowledge of our users.
also, the written docs with actual data and logical conclusions, will
encourage us to believe that we are doing things the right way for the users
we are targeting.
(see mission statement for basic info about the target user.)

in the first stages of development, the results from this group will influence
the design of seul overall, such as the ui, and the making of decisions on
what to /include/ in seul as a priority, because it is vital to the user, as
well as what to /exclude/ from seul, when it gets too difficult and is
relatively unimportant to the user.

in later stages, once other stuff has been coded and is ready for filling out
with configs targeted at particular users, this group will decide which users
we want seul to support directly (home, business, school, marine biologist...),
and define exactly what the configuration and options for each user should be,
in order to serve them best.  the actual specific configs will then be coded
based on that info, which should be relatively painless if the other groups
did their user-specific abstractions correctly.

so, tasks in short:
1. find out and record lots of info about our target user.  figure out large
   classifications of users we can target (the 3 big ones mentioned so far,
   and any other big ones that are discovered).  figure out what each user
   group wants, and any distinctly good/bad setup for any user group.
   also, note commonalities among groups.
2. decide which user groups we want to support, and the exact configs for
   those user groups (as allowed for by the seul configurability available).
3. write the configurations, compile the distribution.  and complain when seul
   configuration utilities mess up, so we can get them fixed.

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