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Re: SEUL: Auto-compilation/Is it possible ?

On Sat, 9 Aug 1997, Micah Yoder wrote:

>> Building a kernel takes 12 minutes on a P75.  So put an OPTIMIZE
>> KERNEL entry in the root menus and if clicked present the user with a
>> simplified version of xconfig: CPU can be autodetected (well Intel
>> CPUs) and we will be using modules, so the only choices the user will
>> have to do would be about non-modular, non-autodetectable things.
>And while it's compiling, pop up a Tetris or Klondike program and just
>tell them to play it until further notice.  :-)

How about something similar to M$ "system agent" (like linux cron), that
at a certain time checks the config, and sees if any moudules that are
currently in use would be better compiled into the main kernel, or just
use a very modularised kernel and use kerneld, the problem is that some
modules require module load time options, eg ne.o requires port address to
be supplied, but can autoload 75% of the time in the kernel (tests an
address range).

A compilation meter somewhere on the screen?

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many of your dreams will be destroyed", 
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