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Re: SEUL: Auto-detecting hardware


On Sun, 10 Aug 1997, Marcus Berglund wrote:

>I am pretty sure that COL (Caldera Open Linux) does a full hardware
>detection, and I must admit, we will have to get the installer to tell us
>what sort of hardware is most likely, or is in there, eg. I have a SCSI
>card or my network card is an NE2000 clone at io=(0x)300, if info is not
>supplied then we try out all possible configurations: scan for io addr by
>trying to load the module with possible addresses, and if they
>specifically ask for the driver to be in the kernel, we tell lilo (or the
>boot loader we will use) that the io for the card is at address x.
>And, unfortunately the best way I know of doing that is by using the
>Win95 (D'oh)
      ^ interface
>Food for thought...

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