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SEUL: New(ish) list: seul-announce

For those of you who haven't checked the website lately
(it's still in extreme beta. We're updating other stuff
before we update it, mostly due to lack of time/people.)
there is a list called seul-announce.  A clip from its
.info file (the message you get when you subscribe) says:
This list is *only* for the announcement of new completed tasks and
similar administrative or technical announcements.  If you want to
actually hear discussion about them or requests for assistance, you
should subscribe to the seul-project list.
It's a very low-traffic list, and is moderated to avoid accidental
spams. I decided not to subscribe all of you to it automatically.
If you want to subscribe, send mail to seul-announce-request@seul.org
with a body of 'subscribe'.