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Re: SEUL: Re: Some unanswered questions about SEUL (answered, I hope :-)

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   Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 22:43:30 +0100
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   > One possibility is that RedHat and SEUL may over time become so similar as to
   > be considered basically identical.  Another would be RedHat taking SEUL under
   > its wing and handling distribution, support, etc., for it, by making it a
   > companion product to the "classic" RedHat distrib.  The classic distrib for
   > hackers, the SEUL distrib for the "masses".

   Hmm, this makes the joice of RedHat somewhat critical as
   the scheme of operation is somewhat different.
   But I havn't used either system, so I can't judge here :O)
   What points was the resoning based that RedHat is going
   to be taken as a base ?  (An FAQ available ?)

This is not an authorized opinion because I am not part of the leaders
group but I thank and talked a lot about it in this list some monyts ago.

If we want to make a user friendly distribution the best is to take as
starting point the one being the nearest to our goal.  This way we
will not waste time just for catching up with state of the art.

Minor distributions I have reviewed impressed me very favorably.  In
fact they tend to be more advanced in this area (user friendliness)
than the big three.  But they are harder to get (so developpers could
fail to get a copy) and many of them have proprietary parts than we
could not use. That rules them out.  However they are a good source of

The big three are easy to get and are GPLed.  Slackware and Debian are
not precisely easy to use and lack many of the user friendly features
present in RedHat, specially RedHat 5 with its hardware recognition,
new partitionning, automatically rebuilt X menus and wealth of
administartion tools.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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