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SEUL: Re: Project clarification

[Still with ATM problems writing from someone else's place]:

I do not know whether the proposal below is viable but I'd like to
comment the following:

We (SEUL-project) and, in general, the LinUX hacker community
talk&develop 'X-frontends'.  Isn't a better idea to go for a total
integration of the/a (customizable) windows front end into the kernel 
(to have a 100% GUI OS) ?.

I neither know whether this is, practically, possible but do command
driven OSes have any future at all ? For a while ago, I discussed
this issue with a (Spanish) hacker working in the DEBIAN team. 
He told me that txt driven OS were much better because one could control
a box remotely in a very easy way and they were more stable. One of my 
percepcionts is that hackers feel comfortable within a command framework. 
However, end-users would rather go for a GUI OS.

Doesn't the modular nature of LinUX (say ... RedHat) allow for
incorporation of all GUI parameters in the kernel without having
a memory beast ?