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SEUL: Re: subscriptions

In message <Pine.LNX.3.95.980108175204.471A-100000@geeky1.ebtech.net>, paul@geeky1.ebtech.net writes:
>> We have to let those of us who are interested join the specific lists,
>> BTW.  :)  I tried to sign up for some but got rejected.
>seul-dev-*-request@seul.org is really an alias for
>majordomo@belegost.mit.edu, so say you want to subscribe to
>seul-dev-distrib, the body to seul-dev-distrib-request@seul.org must read:
>subscribe seul-dev-distrib

Uh, no.

seul-dev-*-request@seul.org is really an alias for
seul-dev-*-request@majordomo.seul.org. The message will be
passed transparently through to belegost (the majordomo machine).

In order to subscribe to a single list, send mail to
listname-request@seul.org with a body of 'subscribe', or
'subscribe you@place.org'. The subject is ignored.

Alternatively, you can send mail to majordomo@seul.org with a body
of 'subscribe listname' or 'subscribe listname you@place.org'.

Multiple majordomo commands can be contained in the same message (so
you can send mail to majordomo@seul.org and subscribe to all the lists,
one per line, for instance).

If you like, you can include the word 'end' on its own line, so majordomo
won't get confused by your .sig.

Let me know if things are actually misconfigured. ;)

In other news, it would be really cool if we could get some more volunteers
for the publicity side of SEUL (the listname is 'seul-pub'). This is a very
large part of what SEUL is about. We can't go anywhere without it.