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SEUL: Re: Minilinux (fwd)

> I did download minilin from sunsite - its basically a stripped out (old)
> version of slackware that as you say fits on about 4 or 5 disks. It was
> basically too old to do anything much (its a.out format only) but it works -
> I installed it on a friend's machine for them to try out linux.
> It installs umsdos (!) linux for you simply using pkzip, and its configured to 
> work with the ISP that made it, although it does have an *old* version of
> X which works on just about anything standard at the time it was made 
> (vga server). Its very simple to make your own version of the same thing -
> an idea I toyed with (for the use of friends who didn't want to commit to
> a full install, but wanted to 'try') until I heard about Seul.
> Simon

Would such a stripped down version be suitable for our base system or would
we be missing to many things. Generally What I consider the absolute minimum
for a linux system is what is on my root partition and it as about 100 Megs.

I realize there are probably utilities is /usr/bin that I have never used,
and all the man and info pages are here, but if we start with a typical
redhat install and start trimming away the fat, how small would it become?

 We need to start somewhere and a small base distribution installing in a
a dos directory and run by loadlin would be a good start.