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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Paul Anderson wrote:

> RPM doesn't, in theory it seems like a great idea.  But you'd eventually
> have someone ask: 
> "I just upgraded Tcl on my computer, and now it won't boot up!"
> If the tcl package included libc 6, and the person was originally using

No; not if you use ld_library_path and ld_preload to work around
incompatibilities of this type.

> 5.2 his computer would be cat food.  Also, some of these libraries are
> big...(That's why most are dynamically linked)

The increase in size in the packages is one of the issues that I
mentioned, as well.  It'd only be suitable for software distributed on CD
(This is probably why Windows makes so much use of it).