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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

When I was reffering to self contained packages I think it is OK to ignore
libraries which are a must for all basic linux systems nowadays like libc 5
(or glibc whenever this project will become available) these will be
installed in the base system.

Indeed I was proposing that the installation interpreter will check if the
library exists and install only in the case of an upgrade.

As for compatibility, With existing package formats, I also believe there
are allready too many formats. Maybe the best choise will be to make the
'installation wizard' use actual files in tar.gz format.(which as far as I
know is the only format not flavor dependent in Linux) thus an advanced user
may choose to open and install the package manually.

As for size problem:
- I'm sure most packages will not have to reinstall libc/X since it will be
in the base package. If there will be a major change to a library (like the
change from libc5 to libc6) packages will contain library that had gone such
a major change. Another case a package will include libraries even though
only a minor change occured is if the package cannot operate with the older

- size overhead by the way is smaller then the numbers posted since
packaging will include compression.

anyhow, I dont think we should worry much about size from the following
- distribution media will most likely be CDROM
- If a library is necessary to run some application, the user will have to
get it anyway if he wants to run the app. I believe the frustration from a
larger download time is smaller then the frustration resulting from trying
to find out why the H**K this package doesnt work , reading all the
associated README files, and locating the necessary package outlet.

>Also, some of these libraries are
> big...(That's why most are dynamically linked)
I think dynamic linking has much more benefits then a mere save of disk