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SEUL: Distribution of applications

> I might be stating the obvious here, but when you buy MS-Office (not
> that I have), you don't recieve several hundred megabytes of source
> code.
>  I have nothing against source code being distributed for free, but
> shouldn't the seul project be encouraging apps to have a pre-compiled
> version that can be configured (for most purposes) from a config file
> instead of having to recompile. I personally would like to just be able
> to download a ready-to-go compiled version of applications.

Ideally, I have little problem with binary-only distribution, but many unix
programs have compile time options that need to be changed from system to
system.  A prime example is ghostscript... Also, under unix, compiling a app
locally usually custom-fits it to your system... 

Comments? Suggestions?