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Re: SEUL: vi, end-users, and distribution issues [very long, 10k]

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> An end-user-friendly Linux system (not necessarily RedHat!) must be designed.
> This means not presenting the user with vi or other arcania. 
Hate to be the devil's advocate here, but...  Fact is, one of the beauties
of Linux is use what works for you, and if what works for you hasn't been
done yet, do it.  Paper and pencil work better for you than computer?
Sure, go ahead.  Vi and printer work for ya?  More power to ya...
Allowing MORE newbies is a Bad Thing(tm), they already outnumber us
hackers more than 10:1 thanks to MS.  Has anyone here seen what newbies
have done to USENET?!  Especially alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt!  They've
made it absolutely useless.  You have to read the manual before you use
the dishwasher, WHY should computers be any different?  BTW, it has been
suggested on the SEUL list that Linux's standardized directory structure
could be classed among arcania that should be discarded, it was also
suggested that such a move would be easy<ROFL>  TTYL!

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