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Re: SEUL: Developing a user interface

	I have been lurking around this list for quite some time waiting
[and waiting] for an opportunity to contribute to this project, and I
believe I could help with this testing process.  I have an availible
486/66 for an install testbed, a wife and child (9) as test subjects (as
well as myself), and a desire to get an easy to use Linux system going at
my home.  Personally I have tried many times to install and use Linux,
esp. X-windows, but have always gotten frustrated and gone back to
DOS/WfW.  I have also installed W95 (shudder) on several computers,
several times, at my previous job, so I am familiar with its strengths and 
	I hope I can be of some help.

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Laura A. Tisoncik wrote:
> One way to get that is to start out with a pre-existing distribution or
> an initial SEUL base distribution, a few test machines, a collection of
> willing (or at least coercible) testers, and a basic task list. Starting
> cold, ask the testers to try to run through the task list. Run these
> tests every few months as the distribution evolves, using different
> testers to eliminate the learning factor. Get the feedback, analyze it,
> and, where possible, incorporate the results into the design of the
> distribution.
> I may have a machine I can dedicate to this within the next month or
> two, and, assuming the machine materializes, I'm willing to kidnap
> unwitting friends and neighbors for experimentation. 
> A) Any opinions on this?
> B) Any suggestions for a basic task list to be tested?
> C) Anyone else willing to participate in human experimentation on their
> loved ones? :)
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> Laura A. Tisoncik
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