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Re: SEUL: Re: SEUL distribution?

> Pity ... this looks like it would have been a good candidate for the POSIX
> package manager as is used with Unifix Linux.
There are plans being worked on that would use Debian as the base 
distribution, with a POSIX package manager.  The decision to use RedHat and 
RPM was made before these plans existed.

BTW, thanx for the pointer to the distribution, could you send me the URL too?

> As for the comment about Debian being rushed to be "first out the door"
> with something, I must take exception here.  Red Hat pushed a broken
> distro out the door with 5.0 but Debian has taken its time and seems to
> be trying to get a fairly polished product out. 
I know that RedHat rushed quite a bit to get Hurricane out, and it shows in 
the speed at which the Errata list has grown.  I will have to now take a 
closer look at the Debian distribution's efforts relative to glibc and 


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