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Re: SEUL: Interest abounding...

> > IMHO it's better to grow more slowly in acceptance
> > for now rather then to make promises which people
> > may feal we don't reach.  I think that for a while,
> > it's very important to spend money on the development
> > process of Linux, especially in areas where Linux
> > is still a little weak.
> > 
> If anyone here is expecting Linux to work it's way into the home market
> first, I hate to burst your bubble, but...  Those that have seen it, the
> articles written about it, etc.  Have already pegged it inline with NT as
> competition.  The FIRST place Linux is going to infiltrate is as an
> internet server for businesses.  Linux handles it FAR better than NT,
> IMHO.  All we really need is an improvement in config utils.

What isn't being brought up, is the fact that SEUL (and e-linux also) are
*VAPORWARE*... We all agree that, currently, Linux isn't very attractive
to the end user: That's why we're working on SEUL/e-linux.  Linux *IS* a
real product.  If we do alot of cool advertising with regaurd to SEUL,
people will get frustrated because it doesn't exist, and give up on it.
If we do alot of cool advertising (not specifically directed at sys-admins)
and people will start getting curious about what Linux is *NOW*, find out,
say "Yick! Why would I want to use anything like this?...", then when SEUL
*DOES* come out, it will flop: because no users will like Linux...

Let's think this out first guys...

Comments? Suggestions?