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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Help me understand the file-manager issue - I'm told that KDE is dependent
> on kfm and that it locks up, and I've been hearing this for a while but I
> don't understand why - is it providing services that the other processes
> block on?

I'm not even close to a programmer, wish I was but, oh well.  Not to
mention I don't really care much for the KDE.  Anyway.  I can only tell
you that in the week I tried it out I had it (kfm) leave on me every
time I zipped through a directory with alot of entries in it.  Seems it
doesn't like it when you tell it to drive on when it's still trying to
read the current directory.

Once that happens other QT oriented programs won't open.  The task bar
at the bottom stays up but if I try to open another QT program it won't
open.  I'm assuming that this is due to the fact that all the config
files are stored in the /opts/kde/share/config directory and in a format
intended to be read by kfm when auto-starting them after clicking on the
specified mime type in kfm.  Granted, I didn't try starting one from an
xterm, since I had none open.  I know I can run QT programs in
Afterstep, which doesn't use the KDE style config's directly.

KWM (the taskbar etc.) seems to envoke all the k* programs through kfm. 
I seem to remember, from when I was involved a year ago, that it was in
fact designed so that KWM wouldn't work without KFM but KFM would work
without KWM.  So if you are working in KDE and KFM craps out on you,
well, there you are.

Now this is KFM (root) as they're calling it now.  I was unable to
restart KFM(root) at all once KFM (child process) crashed.

Also.  Kedit crashes, less frequently, and takes the whole shootin match
with it as well.  It happens when saving and opening files so I'd say
the entire problem is in the file I/O processes.  Most likely Kedit uses
KFM in it's read/write operations.