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Re: SEUL: Re: Comments

Paul Anderson wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, William T Wilson wrote:
> >
> > Usually, yes.  :)  What I'm saying is that Linux out of the box has IRQ's
> > tuned wrong, has bad modem init strings, often has the UART speed set
> > wrong, and that this confuses a multitude of new users and more than a few
> > experienced ones.
> >
> HUH?!  Which distribution are you talking about that's THAT buggy?  I have
> NEVER used a distribution that bad...  I've used Slackware 1.2, Rh3.0.3
> and 4.2 and have never encountered a problem, nor heard of anyone else
> having those kind of problems. 

You won't need to look very far... You can look right here, on this

I'm about 12 hours away from pulling Linux off my hard drive, after
using it as my primary operating system for well over a year. After an
upgrade to RH 5, the box refuses to dial out (not for PPP, not even
under minicom, not even if I cat modem strings by hand to the serial
port). Red Hat says this isn't an "installation" problem, therefore they
offer no support; there were a number of similar problems posted to the
Red Hat support lists, but no one ever replied to any of the posts...
I've gone so far as to write to the original posters and ask if they've
ever found a solution.

Win 95 dials out with no problem.

I should note that RH 5 *did* dial out the first time around (albiet
with difficulty)... BUT when I attempted to install the 4fronttech sound
driver a couple of days ago, it trashed my filesystem beyond rescue...
hence the clean install from scratch (that doesn't work at all).

I maintain hundreds of documents on the web. Linux is not a cute toy for
me. I  simply can't afford to be down for a week or two playing with my
operating system. If I don't come up with something by tomorrow morning,
I have no choice but to pull Linux, reformat for Win95, and reinstall my
old Windows graphics software.

I'm a pretty geeky end-user, and a (former??...I guess as as a matter of
integrity I'll be pulling my linux pages) Linux evangelist. But I can't
solve this problem, at least not in anything like the time frame I need

Laura A. Tisoncik