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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ? (fwd)

Hi George

>>      Internet Connectivity. This includes dial-up installs and 
>>      ethernet installs.
>This is where many distributions try to get too cute.  Look, if an ISP
>will except a default Windows95 dialup without any scripting or input
>the user, then it will most likely accept a PAP Linux connection.  We
>put the username and password in the pap-secrets file, set up a sane
>options file with the user supplying a baud rate and I/O port and
>setup string and off we go. We just dial up the ISP, wait for CONNECT
>turn the connection over to PAP.
>No need for cute dialup scripts like Red Hat and Slackware.

I think you are being overtly dismissive of the need for scripts...
Even today there are still MANY ISP's that require scripting to work...
Luckily the one I use now don't, but many still do.  While PAP should
be the first option, some assistance for scripting should be avail...

Fortunately many ISP's scripts look similar, with the main difference
being between "username" and "login" in the logon sequence... Like
someone else said, making use of existing win95 DUN scripts would not
be a bad idea either...

>George Bonser 
>If NT is the answer, you didn't understand the question. (NOTE: Stolen
>Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.


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