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SEUL: From the debian-users list

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To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: SEUL packaging, etc.
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 16:02:00 GMT
From: Ian Watkins <ianw@cyber.net.pk>

FE> > I would like to make it almost trivial for a user to install a
FE> > package, i.e. click in a hypertext help/wizard window and it
FE> > will install what is required for functionality set "X".

I couldn't agree with you more Fred. I thoroughly enjoy Linux, but I 
found it hard to get into. I am slightly above an average user having 
spent 10 years on mainframes, some assembler, some C++ and the last 5 
years supporting Windows installations.....

There does seem to be a tendency within the Unix community that if it 
isn't a bit difficult to do or use then we must have done something 
wrong <g>

I would support in anyway that I am capable in providing some sort of 
easy front end to Linux to widen it's appeal. I am particularly 
interested in seeing something available for charities to use as a 
stable, cheap and therefore cost-effective way of providing file and 
printer services, mail and Internet access to support their work. 
However at the present, with it's rather dense interface I cannot see 
that being viable. I realise the value of the infinite configurability 
that the infinite number of configuration files gives you, but it is 
almost impossible (as well as daunting) for an inexperienced user to 
work out what to tweak and how.

I would also consider that the help system needs to be looked at quite 
seriously. I believe that there are packages out there that make them 
more user friendly, but there must be a better way to provide help than 
man pages and the less command?

I think that Linux has a great deal to offer to those who want a good 
solid OS with a wide range of applications. AFAIK it doesn't have 
anything like Exchange or Notes supported on it, but I suspect that the 
number of organisations needing that sort of application within my area 
of interest are rather limited.

Ian W
Karachi, Pakistan                             email: ianw@cyber.net.pk

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