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SEUL: Installation process

Here is a little sketch of how the installation process
could look like (to point out the stages more clearly):

1. "enough partition-free space on HD for GNU/Linux" ?
   yes : goto
   no  : step 3

2. Create partition-free space on HD:
   (Either using a temporary Linux-boot or using
   '95/NT/DOS-bound tools):
   - defragment partition(s)
   - make partition(s) smaller
   step 3

3. Linux boot disk:
   "boot disk needed(see 4) but not available" ?
   yes : rawrite boot-disk
         step 4
   no  : step 4

4. Create GNU/Linux partition(s):
   Boot Linux from either:
   - disk + CDROM
   - disk + NFS
   - CDROM only (possible ?)
   Create Linux partions.
   Mount swap-partition if available.

5. Figure out hardware:
   Obtain hardware info:
   - probe if safe.
   - if a Win partition exists, check out .ini and/or
     files generated from the registry.
   - compare info
   - ask the user for missing pieces (hopefully not ;)

6. Install base & core.

7. Launch X-based installer (possibly bring in X earlier ?)

I guess I have made some mistakes here and it's not very
detailed :O)

Please reply-to seul-dev-install _only_.