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Re: SEUL: hardware detection

Paul Anderson wrote:
> Win95 loads it's shorts every so often, mashing the registry into nice,
> neat metal-filing sized chunks.  EVERYONE gets "Corrupted Registry"
> errors...  Now, what do you think Joe Moron will say when he gets a
> "Corrupted Registry" error a day or two after he's installed Linux, hmm?
> Especially if they know that SEUL uses the registry to understand their
> system...  TTYL!

I have been saying this for a couple of days now.  Although, I have
never gotten a corupter registry error.  But if the guy working on that
particular area wants to do it that way, that's up to him.  It is the
best way to milk Windoze for information.  I'm sure that if it came down
to proving it, it could be proven that Linux did not alter the
registry.  That doesn't account for the others that will just clean
house without asking and bad-mouth Linux from then on.

The registry problems are an extremely publisized thing.  Even the
standard Windoze user will have alarms going off when hearing about
Linux opening it.  Blaming Linux will be on the low side since most
people will listen to reason, but not everyone does.  

I think the idea is sound.  I also think there needs to be a little user
education on the subject *before* it's done.  Say a small readme coming
up with a yes/no at the bottom.  Then it's up to joe user to agree to
let Linux dip into the registry.  And he will be more at ease having
been assured that it is a read-only process.  No different than standing
on the other side of a room reading a poster.  No contact with the