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SEUL: Duplicate messages

So I'm sure most of you on more than one seul list have
noticed that my majordomo server sends out duplicate messages
if a message is addressed to multiple lists and you're on more
than one of them.

This should be fixed. I keep meaning to get around to it, but,
well, I'm hosed.

Which is where you come in. The problem is a little bit difficult,
because multiple majordomo's are spawned independent of each other
(one for each target list), and they can't really communicate with
each other.

So I figure the thing to do is to get each majordomo to look at the
message headers and decide if it's the "first" list the message is
being sent to. If it is, it sends the message to all the seul lists
in the header. If it isn't, it quits.

Pretty simple. Somebody's probably already written the patches
out there, somewhere. Mail me if you want to help out.