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SEUL: Text Editor neded

"Intuitive, Software" ; Noun, any program the user already knows how to use.
A Major hurdle for me when migrating to Linux was figuring out which text
editor to use ... I found vi intimidating and joe while much better was a whole
new interface.  My suggestion ... Give the users a Text editor they already know.
i.e... A clone of EDIT.COM,  The chances of getting computer illiterates to even
try Linux ( as a first OS ) are quite slim.  However everyone who has ever used
Any of the none unix OSs will already know how to use edit, since it's interface
is shared by Word Perfect,  MsWord and a zillion other apps.  Powerful features
and keystroke combos for all the odd formatting tasks programers use are
not necessary ( Nothing more fancy than search and replace ), and defiantly a
single key drop down menu ( Map it to alt by default but allow mapping to other
keys ).  It doesn't mater if it runs properly on a terminal, SEUL is for the
home or office user who will be running X on her own PC anyway.