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The #2 thing that SEUL could contribute the world ( beyond a 
doesn't installer ) is a SIMPLE text editor.  Not one with a lot 
of power, or flexibility, or expandability ( or any of the other
features unix users pride ).  Just one that every Linux newbi
already knows how to use.  i.e... EDIT.COM ( of MSDOS 5.0 to 95 
fame ).  
There are already a few editors out there that come close, and
some are quite easy to use once you get to know them.  However
for the person who has just installed linux for the first time
it is essential to have a text editor that she can pop up and use
to fix lilo.conf or XF86Config immediately, if the installer 
somehow uses the wrong settings for her system.  
Installers vary in appearance and options.  but none is perfectly 
accurate. ( Only Microsoft thinks so )
I don't know C and as such it would be a year or more before I can
bang out a tight and functional edit.com clone.
It has to be a clone of this editor since it's commands are
such that only unix veterans will find it unfamiliar.
i.e... Mac, Windows*, OS/2, and DOS users have all used a program 
with a superset of edit.com's functions.  The other potential
Linux users are either *nix veterans and comfortable with VI or
have never used a PC of any kind before.
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