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Guys - 

Come on!  TEXT EDITOR discussions are a deeply religious matter.  I even
have a hymn for my favorite editor, EMACS.  (I'll quote it, if anyone
asks to hear it. :) I was a vi user, and I still use vi when I am
compelled to do so. 

Please don't start a flame/editor war here.  Don't impose your editor on
me, and don't argue that my editor is too large. I already know that,
and anyone who does ls -l on the emacs binary also knows that.  :) 
Note I have not mentioned the elisp and the other files...:(

BTW someone needs to press <cr> at about column 70, no matter what 
editor is being used. :)


On Sat, 31 Jan 1998, George Bonser wrote:

> On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, Sailesh Krishnamurthy wrote:
> > Hmm things like arrow keys, return, backspace etc work out of the
box with the emacs 
> > I use. I'm pretty sure it will be the same with joe and jed. AFAIK
pico is based on 
> > emacs keybindings.  For starters, emacs is more comfortable than vi
just because it 
> > has a single mode - switching between modes is confusing for new
users. Of course, 
> > vi keybinds are awesome, and I use vi frequently to edit  small
> I agree that a mode based editor is bad too.  Emacs is simply too large.
> ae is 24K. vim is 376K. pico is 127K.
> ae provides what we need and is easy to use ... just type, use the arrow
> keys, use F10 to exit shift-F10 to abort.
> Pretty darned easy and only 24K.  Give it a try!
> George Bonser 
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