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SEUL: Introduction

Hi to everyone out there, Webworks is a local high-tech start-up pushing
for Commercial Linux Support and Dynamic Domain Name System developed on
Linux.  We are pushing for Linux in the education system in Singapore
together with the help of Singapore Linux User Group and National
University of Singapore Linux User Group through an education task force
just set up recently.  There is certainly more to Linux than the
monotonous Windows.  Cheers.

Colin Gan                             Webworks Pte Ltd
colin@webworks.com.sg                 103A, Geylang Road
Research                              Singapore 389212

http://www.webworks.com.sg            Tel: (+65)  741-9526
Sales: sales@webworks.com.sg          Fax: (+65)  749-3806
Tech : tech@webworks.com.sg           Pgr:       9284-4823
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