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Re: SEUL: Re: file formats (html iz coo

Greg Flanders wrote:
> > system. What we need is to convert one of those "Introduction
> > to UNIX" books (the little slim ones that cover the basic
> > shell stuff, mail, and vi) to HTML and add some kind of index
> > and FAQ list. That's were the REAL work is.
> Rather than converting an obviously copyrighted book, why don't
> we use some of the really good unix tutorials out there? I can't
> think of any off hand, but I know a websearch would provide you
> with several.
> I also agree that a html based help system is a very good idea.

I know there are some copyrighted intros to UNIX out there but I
was thinking of this slim thing that I've seen at a lot of big
government and academic installations. It's really small and I
don't think that it's copyrighted. If it IS copyrighted then either
there have been a lot of people violating the copyright or else
everyone ends up writing the exact same material as an intro to
UNIX. (either is likely, I would suppose) I'm pretty sure that
I have a couple of copies of the text in question lying about
(from several different agencies) and I'll see if I could dig
one of them up.

The only problems with these texts are that 1) they refer to the
command line interface (We might try to keep the SEUL user in a
GUI as much as possible), 2) they refer to OLD version of the CLI
tools (sh, vi, mail), 3) they assume that the user is in a sys-
admined situation (no coverage of even basic sys-admin tasks).
Still, they would be a good starting point.

- Jeff Dutky
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