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Re: SEUL: Installation steps

   From: Michael Peck <mjpeck@mailhost.rsn.hp.com>
   Organization: Hewlett-Packard
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   Demian Rootring wrote:

   > Ok, why don't we make a simple Dos or Win based program in which the
   > user can pre-select a kernel from a list of precompiled ones (of course
   > tested)?

   Who's going to build and test all of these kernels? The number of
   permutations is quite literally beyond the scope of the entire Linux
   community to perform. And besides, how many CDs does this sucker ship
   on? Didn't someone say something about trimming Debian down to one disc?

With modular kernels we can stay with less than ten optimal
kernels. And we could reduce that number if we sacrifice a few Ks and
use initrd because half of the problem is than you need to have your
root device driver in the kernel unless you use initrd.  Ah! Linux 2.1
is able to free memory no longer needed after booting.  So if 2.2 is
ready before SEUL then using initrd would come at no cost in memory
once booting is finished.

There must be an installation kernel usable in all boxes from the 386
to the Pentium2, thoroughly tested and that will serve as a backup if
the user has problems with the optimal kernel, because we will not be
able to test ten kernels as well as one.  But this is better than
letting the user blunder when building its own kernel.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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