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SEUL: Debian Installation

After reading all the raves about the Debian Linux distribution I
decided to put it on my system (too bad I had to loose my slackware
installation, but no biggie).  So I dutifully downloaded all the
recommended files from ftp://ftp.debian.org/stable/...... and attempted
to install it on my system.  Here are the results:

instructions for the rawriting of the diskimages does not refer to the
correct version of  rawrite that is downloaded (rawrite vs. rawrite2).

install is fairly brainless except for the following items:
TimeZone configuration
scsi drivers (only 4 given with no indication of what each supports [
couldn't find one for my zip drive])
now for my big complaint after going through all the steps and creating
a boot disk (determined not to install boot manager on hard disk because
I didn't want it to mess with my dos setup) turned off the computer and
it started to boot up linux but something got screwed because it just
kept rebooting (not sure what).  Tried the rescue disk to directly boot
the kernel but the same thing happened.  Needless to say was not too

Other observations:
when doing networking the install program insists on an ethernet card
(when will the distributors get rid of the idea that everyone has an
ethernet card in their system???).

Well for what it's worth these are my observations on attempting an
installation of  the Debian distribution of Linux (really wanted it to
work because they [Debian] make a strong point of saying that the system
can be loaded via NFS and wanted to see if it was set up in the basic

Oh well, my next attempt will be Red Hat (soon as I download the files).


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