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Re: SEUL: Is there a user for S.E.U.L.?

> This is a nice segue into a topic I brought up earlier and would like to
> return to: Focusing SEUL on the organizational rather than the home user. 
> Let's face it: Bill Gates didn't make $20 billion by selling lots of $200
> boxes of MS Office to home users - he sold them to the tech departments of
> big organizations who installed them all of their users' machines and to
> computer manufacturers who sell machines with MS software preinstalled. 

Do you think so? That's (reasuring) news to me. In that case we have a
much simpler problem.

> * Lots O Apps: This is an are where we see both the shine and the tarnish
> of the current Linux/Free Software world: We've got The Gimp, but no whiz
> word processor to paste its images into.  We've got half a dozen SQL

What do you think about LyX? Or Andrew Toolkit?

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