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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

On 26-Jun-97 Greg Bell wrote:
>  and according to Juhan it should be up and working on Monday other
                    ^^^^^ ...Juhana. (note that I'm male, even though the name 
looks female. :) It's a very old Finnish name, from the same base as John etc.)

   Now, if anyone has ideas or material for the web site, please mail it to me
at jsiren@blanko.oulu.fi - particularly FAQ material. I'm having a summer exam
on Saturday, so it may take until Tuesday to complete the initial pages. (I have
this day, you know... never enought time for anything interesting like model
railroading or SEUL :) I'll make a link to the existing archive site at txcc.

>than that once there is a working version of SEUL available (maybe
>beforehand?) or at least some ground rules laid out announcement will be
>place in alt.linux.announcements and perhaps alt.linux.development

IMHO we should make this project known (but avoid vaporware). Preferably 
beforehand, perhaps when we can give an estimate of first release date?

A thought occurred to me, is there any chance of getting input from
potential users, i.e. asking them what they want?
Juhana Siren - Juhana.Siren@oulu.fi - http://rieska.oulu.fi/~jsiren/
Sanansa syvmisestd saa puheripulin.                            --mind
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