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RE: SEUL: Adding Flash to SEUL

On 27-Jun-97 Greg Bell wrote:
>"Unix I know Unix".  Remember what was on the screen at the time a
>virtual directory of the systems files.  I think this was neat and would
>be a great way to attract people to SEUL.

Dunno... seemed highly impractical to me.

>Now the question is, does anyone know what program was running at the

Probably just an animation... you know, computers in movies: a biiiiig
machine containing biiiig secrets, with a three-letter password that
echoes back in a 200 point font; a funny "takatakatakatakatakataka"
noise while text appears on the screen at 10 cps while the image next
to the text says "blip" and appears in a fraction of a second over
the very same modem line... being able to view the contents of a file in 
virtual reality without opening the file... log in to the wrong place
and your hardware starts sparking and smoking... move around in a GUI
by just typing frantically... need I say more? :)

>Just a thought.

Another thought: basically you're right. It would be nice to include a
good looking desktop / file manager. I suggested TkDesk in an earlier message.
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