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Re: SEUL: Call for opinions/discussions

Thomas Molesworth wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Greg Bell wrote:
> > The steering committee has reached the point where we need further input
> > from the members of the list.
> >
> > What is needed is a discussion/opinions about the following:
> > command line/Curses based IRC clients
> BitchX

don't care

> > Mail programs
> pine

No. This is too arcane (forgive me, I use it myself) for the average
user, even if simply because it's ASCII-based. We need something very
simple yet graphical, something akin to Solaris' 'mailtool', which is

> > pro's and cons about the various shells available on Linux
> bash

don't care

> > ppp setup utility
> make our own? EzPPP? (never tried anything other than pppd)

xIsp. Never used it, don't know. I'll review it tonight.

> > scripting language
> bash + C?

No, let's make it Perl. Number one, I hope we'll be using Perl for a
fair bit of the coding, anyway, and it's just a billion times more
useful than bash. Besides, Perl has a C-like syntax that will be easier
to learn if they already know C or are going to have to learn it anyway.

My two cents, as well.

Michael J. Peck
Hewlett-Packard, Convex Division
Opinions expressed above are not necessarily those of my employer.
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