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SEUL: Upgrading

Thought this might bring some new ideas.

++ Jukka

     You're going to LOVE this one.

     Posted by: 194910
     Date posted: Sat, 31 May 1997 

     My company recently upgraded 350 computers from a DOS
     environment to a Windows 95 environment. Since I work in the IS
     department and did much of the work involved with the upgrade, I
     guess that makes me somewhat of an upgrade specialist. 

     I have to disagree with the statement that a weakness of Windows
     95 is "...the inability to painlessly migrate one's personal
     environment to a new desktop machine..." 

     Let me explain: The way we set up new machines is to set up one
     Windows 95 machine with all of the programs, settings
     customizations, etc. that are specific to our company. Then we
     copy that Windows 95 setup from the original hard drive to a new
     hard drive, by simply copying all of the files. 

     We put the second drive into a new system, run FDisk to set the
     active partition, run "sys c:" from a Windows 95 boot disk and
     reboot the computer. Windows 95 boots and automatically detects
     hardware changes. 

     Setting up machines the "old" way (installing and tweaking
     everything) takes 4-5 hours. Setting up machines the "new" way
     takes about two hours. 

     The point is: Mr. Wallace can very likely take the hard drive from
     his old computer and put it in the new one. Windows should boot
     normally. He could also copy all of the old files to the new drive
     (by installing the new drive in the old computer) then take the new
     drive and put it in the new computer. 

     In my opinion, upgrading this way is as painless as it gets. 

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