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SEUL: Monthley update from the maintainer.

                               SEUL UPDATE

 The Original Plan:
               To those of you who feel that we are not moving fast enough.
              I am going to fill you in on my original plans. When I started
              the group I original planed to allow 5 to 6 weeks for the
              group to gain users, allow our users to get to know each
              other, and discuss the ideas that they have about what a
              Simple End User Linux should have and be. This would also
              give me the chance to look into the different methods of
              organizing the group as well. I probably should have stated
              this at an earlier time but was caught up in the messages, 
              Ideas, and discussions of the group.

 The Group Hirearcie:
               I have looked at several ideas and even thrown some up here
             to see the response. I have decided on a hire Archie that
             seems to best soot the group and provides the best opertunity 
             for growth. I did consider voting but there are many
             problems with this, from counting the votes to how often 
             people read and respond to there mail. One person in charge
             does not suite the group because that person would make
             decisions that only she/he feels are right. A committee 
             can work but an appointed committee has its problems.

My decision!
            Committee of sub-group leaders.
            This means that there will be sub-groups (Listed later)
            The leaders of the sub-groups will jointly make the 
            decisions for the total distribution. 
            This allows for expansion, gives the opertunity
            for each sub-group to put the best foot forward, and allows
            each group a vote in the final decisions. It also makes
            it easer to run and maintain.

The Web Site!
            We have a web site up and running thanks to Omega and Juhana 
           (Well done guys it looks great) It is at http://www.seul.txcc.net
           or at http://seul.txcc.net. This site will contain information 
           that all of our readers should know and allow then to keep up
           with decisions made by the group leaders. This site also contains
           an archive of all the posts made to this group from day one. 
The Sub-Groups and Openings!
            These are the sub-groups I believe we will need up front. If I
           have missed one or you feel that there should be one that I did
           not list let me know.

 Distribution Sub-Group:
            Responsibility: Deciding on what is needed for base system, 
                            Prepping the boot and install disks,
                            Deciding on the install procedures and
                            working with the development group to produce
                            an install program for the distribution.
                            When it boils down to the base system this
                            group will have the final     
        Define Base System: That which must be on the system to run
                            Libs, Compilers, Shells, Languages, Daemons,

  Development Sub-Group:
            Responsibility: Developing the base install software, Config
                            software, and other software needed that does not 
                            exist. I know this is a big area. I expect this
                            group to further break out into smaller groups
                            although ill leave it up to the group maintainer
                            to decide just how to handle this. ;)

     Software Sub-Group:
            Responsibility: Locating and reviewing the software that exists
                            and determining weather or not the software
                            will be part of the distribution. Needs to set
                            standards for the software and procedures for
                            reviewing the software.
           Define Software: Any software that the average user would use
                            (IE. Word Processor, Spread sheet, Window
                             manager, etc. All End user Software)

   Publicity Sub-Group:
           Responsibility: Web Development, Making posts about our project
                           to news groups and development of a FAQ.

 Documentation/Help Sub-Group:
           Responsibility: Prepping documentation, Deciding on help file
                           formats, Locating documentation on software and
                           utilities provided on the distribution. 


As you can see all of the groups have some overlapping areas. So the groups
will be somewhat interdependent. 


 The Publicity Sub-Group is maintained by Omega and Juhana. If you would
like to volunteer to assist in this group please contact one of them.
For the other Sub-Groups WE ARE LOOKING FOR LEADERS! If you want to be the
leader of one of these groups please send me a message with the sub-group
title as the subject. You may want to tell me a little about your self and
why you want to be the leader of the sub-group. 

Thanks for you Time and Support.


PS. Please excuse any misspellings

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