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Re: SEUL: Partitioning

i agree with jay's point on the loopback idea. (won't restate them:)

and i'd like to (re?)suggest the idea of a seul demo of some sort.

rather than doing an actual trial installation, which is ridden
with technical issues, and may actually not gain us real users in the end,
i think a productive investment of effort would be (once we have
a product) to produce a demoreel of some sort that runs under various
platforms, and gives a good preview of what to expect after going through
[what the user may (despite our best efforts) view as] installation hell.

in summary, marketing wins.  i suggest doing things in the following order:

1. make a product, and make it the real thing.
   the top priority should be that a full-blown, fast,
   what-linux-was-meant-to-be installation will work well.
2. marketing
   make demos. and this may include actually building something
   that runs under loopback the way described, but it really is
   just for trial, and should give the feel of a demo.
   the point is to make the user want to install linux for real,
   not to have any easy way to uninstall.
   (it is our job in step 1 to make the real installation technically
   feasible, so there is no argument for the loopback install
   being significantly safer.)
3. extra stuff.
   maybe some of you really dig this loopback idea, and think you can
   code it.  if so, go for it.  more extensions to linux are always good
   to have around.  get in touch with umsdos-people and others who've
   done this sort of thing, and work on something appropriate.
   when it's ready, get it integrated into distributions.

-peter luka
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