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SEUL: Users

I haven't seen it discussed, so I'll invite comments.  A couple of weeks
ago Alexandru proposed consolidating users into a number of groups.  I
endorsed this effort and attempted to paraphrase his definitions to see
if I clearly understood them and help them to become them readily

I have seen very little discussion of users since.  I worry about this.
How can we ever gauge success without knowing who is going to beneift
from our efforts and what they would like to accomplish with anything we 
might develop?

I worry that my rhetoric is responsible for the lack of discussion,
although I try to be careful to leave a positive message.  Another worry
I have is that this users stuff is not the technical stuff that many want
to concentrate their efforts.  If this is the case, I hope that you
consider that when it comes down to deciding what to do, what technical
approach we should use, why we decided to use tool A instead of tool B
will be unanswerable without the foundation of knowing who our users are
and what they hope to accomplish.

So it may be good for your sense of accomplishment what else?

How about learning.  With an established underlying principle, we may
come to recognize patterns, situations, and trade offs in a new light.

We could gain confidence, just from the providing ourselves with a
stronger notion of what we are about.  As well as having an understanding
of why things are put together as they are. 

We hope to benefit from a bigger market share for Linux.  I'd love to see
major packages released for Linux first and MicroSoft scrambling to get
support for a  Windows version.  We can eliminate the barriers the vast
number of computer users face in using Linux.

If you build it they will come.

So, who are they?


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