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Re: SEUL: Survey writing volunteers needed

Kevin Forge wrote:
> Check out the LSB.  Linux Standard Base.  This is not only a similar
> plot to the SEUL core layers but they should be one and the same and
> SEUL should help with that as much as possible. 

Right.  We're getting heavily involved in the LSB discussions.  There was
a forum Wednesday evening on openprojects.net, and another tomorrow, which
I will be involved in.  You will be seeing an editorial on freshmeat.net
in the LSB forum about how the LSB will benefit SEUL.  It will explain how
the project intends to achieve its goals without creating Yet Another

If all goes as planned, the Core/Layers project will be the same as LSB,
and there will be backing and cooperation from all existing distributions. 
RedHat and Debian people (not to be confused with the groups themselves,
they haven't officialy made up their minds yet I don't think.  just want
to throw that in somewhat at the request of the people involved) are
*very* interested in cooperating.

Fear not, I'm (mostly) on top of things. ;-}


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