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Re: SEUL: Things I would like to ask

[need to get this list changed over to my new address...]

> 1) Were you ever a CP/M, OS/2, or DOS user?

OS/2 and DOS

> 2) Were you a Windows or GUI OS/2 user?


> 3) How long did you use CP/M, OS/2, DOS?

DOS since 1988, OS/2 since 1993.

In fact, I just installed Warp 4 on my system last night after a
several month absense from OS/2.  My reasoning is that I wanted to run
VisualAge for Java and play Stardock Entrepreneur.  :-)

I was reminded, though, that OS/2 has about all the "qualities" I hate
about NT:  Bloated slow registry, clunky GUI, occasional crash, owned
by a domination minded corporation.  Linux is still my primary OS BY

> 4) Did you have exposure to Unix before trying Linux?

Did some work on a Sun at college.

> 5) Was your exposure at work, school, or at home?

Work study program at college - was the student Webmaster

> 6) Do you use Unix exclusively or a mixture of operating systems?

UNIX for server, 'Doze 3.1 for clients

Linux to provide
> multi-user services in the home and community. It will not be long
> people begin interconnecting their household LANS with those of their
> neighbors to share resources and costs. A grass-roots community
> is just around the corner and Microsoft is not going to be there to
> these needs for the kind of money they want for multi-client systems.

That's a pretty cool idea ... a neighborhood LAN!  Linux and SEUL
would certainly be prime candidates for managing it.

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