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SEUL: offer of services

I am a Network Specialist for Nazareth College.  My current job consists
of UNIX and network administration. Prior to this I worked for a growing
ISP and added Linux to one of the supported operating systems.  I have
over 2 years of UNIX administration experience and am beginning small
amounts of software development.  I am by no means a master programmer, I
know a little C, and lots of PERL and bash shell scripting.  I have plans
to enrole in college to study computer science as soon as this is an
affordable choice for me.

I am aware of the amount of bickering that goes on at SEUL and to tell the
truth I don't really care.  I just want to work on the project.
You all have my basic qualifications if there is a certain part of the
project that I can work on I would be more than happy, otherwise... thanks
for your time.

Steven Duffy