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Re: SEUL: Various thoughts

Arnold Hennig writes:
> I wanted to try the new rpm compatible PKG tool that was recently
> announced, but it's only posted in rpm format, so I didn't bother to
> download it. In short PLEASE don't use a format that is not universal.

Debian's .deb files are ar archives containing a text file and two .tar.gz
files.  .deb files can be unpacked with ordinary tools.  I don't recall the
structure of rpm's, but I do know that they also can be unpacked with
ordinary tools.

> For most private users, security is not going to be the kind of concern
> that it is for businesses, so allowing a root login by default is probably
> practical 

The primary risk of running as root is not breakins, it is user error.


I see no need for seul to make any special provision for this.  If the
user has expert help, the expert can install whatever he needs.

> While mgetty and minicom get along splendidly, mgetty and PPP do not.

Are you running pppd on /dev/cuax?  That screws up locking.

> My PPP script copies inittab.ppp to inittab...

Why don't you just change run levels?

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