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Re: SEUL: What GUI style

Thomas Molesworth wrote:
> On Sun, 25 May 1997, Luka wrote:
> > 4. "form" config: what UI do you want?  win95 lookalike?
> >    mac lookalike?
> please, let's stick with one UI until it's working! win95 is
> better simply because of installed user base + it's newer.
> (+I don't like macs :) )

Not meaning to start a flame war, but, I don't like the Win95
interface and I DO like the Mac. This, however, is not a question
of personal preference. We are trying to build a system that will
be attractive to people as an ALTERNATIVE to whatever system they
are currently using (Windows or Mac). If we try to make SEUL look
just like one of the existing systems it will not be seen as an
alternative but as a CLONE. A rather poor clone at that.

I think we should use one of the more unixy window managers or
else one of the ones that is just completely off the wall. There
are two that spring to mind: One is Enlightenment and the other
is wm2. Both are distinctive and interesting. Both would set the
SEUL project apart from it's peers.

wm2 can be found at 

Enlightenment is at 

- Jeff Dutky
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